The Money Society

HOW MUCH DOES HE MAKE? How big was the deal? What did they pay for their house … their boat … their painting? Money seems to be the only thing that counts these days. Here’s why.

FORTUNE Magazine, July 6, 1987, by Myron Magnet, Reporter Associate Barbara Hetzer

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY is the incantation of today. Bewitched by an epidemic of money enchantment, Americans in the Eighties wriggle in a St. Vitus’s dance of materialism unseen since the Gilded Age or the Roaring Twenties. Under the blazing sun of money, all other values shine palely. And the M&A decade acclaims but one breed of hero: He’s the honcho with the condo and the limo and the Miro and lots and lots of dough. The evidence is everywhere you turn.

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